Pieris ‘Little Heath’, Lagerstroemia ‘Zuni’, Bergenia ‘Magic Giant and weeping Japanese maple. Garden design and photo credit: Darcy Daniels, Bloomtown™ Gardens, www.bloomtown.net

Jupiter’s Beard has one of the most splendid blossoms and one of the most unusual names. Very easy to plant – no need to water or care once established. Perfect as a focal point of garden or part of the border. Qualifies for Santa Clara Water District’s Landscape Rebate Program www.waterefficien… ‪#‎waterefficientgarden‬ ‪#‎xeriscape‬ ‪#‎yard‬ ‪#‎frontyard‬ ‪#‎gardening‬ ‪#‎droughttolerant‬ ‪#‎nativeplant‬